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Let’s face it: no one likes having to see a doctor and there are many reasons: we hate being sick; we hate the smell of hospitals; we hate the queues; we hate seeing others in misery; we hate being pricked and jabbed; we hate taking medications. We all do, trust me!

However, it is important to have your regular check-up, whether you feel ill or not. You should also consult with a doctor as soon as you feel symptoms or when you have a health question. Unfortunately, there are many constraints to getting the right information at the right time that you need it. DoctorDial is a platform for online doctor consultation in Nigeria that seeks to help ease this problem.

You may consider online consultations for the following reasons:

  1. Accessibility

One of the reasons that you may not be able to get to the hospital for minor complaints is because of the distance. The sad truth is that Nigeria has an alarming shortage of doctors. Online consultations allow more people to reach doctors, bypassing so many barriers. This is particularly useful for rural dwellers and as a first aid responder in emergency situations.

  1. Convenience

If you have a small rash on your arm, you may not want to drive all the way to your hospital, queue and spend all that time just to get told that it is nothing serious. In fact, this is the reason most busy professionals would rather ask friends and colleagues for advice.

With an online doctor consultation, you can have a video call or upload photos of the rash while chatting. The best part is that you can do all this from the comfort of your office, home on even on the go!

  1. Affordability

Apart from the cost of transporting yourself to and from the hospital, you would need to pay for each consultation that you make, regardless of how little your concern is. A major aim of online doctor consultations is to make it cost effective. When you consider the convenience and comfort, plus the fact that it is on a pay-as-you-use basis, its definitely worth it. Also, some online platforms offer discounts that you can take advantage of. DoctorDial for instance, is currently free.

  1. Second opinions

You might have spoken with a doctor about a health challenge but you still have concerns. That’s absolutely fine. All you need is another doctor’s perspective on it. You can even get a third or a fourth opinion. The most important thing is that you as an individual can make an informed decision about your own health or that of your child.

  1. Finding specialists

Have you ever tried to find a dermatologist for your skin condition; an ENT surgeon for your child; or a new gynaecologist? Usually, this involves a lot of asking around or just settling for the one that your primary doctor refers you to. With telemedicine, you can have access to consultants in every specialty possible, anywhere in the world. You can also consult with and book an appointment with experienced dentists, physiotherapists, pharmacists, nutritionists, nurses and other health care professionals, each with their own specialties and sub-specialties!

  1. Sensitive issues

Vaginal discharges, body odour, haemorrhoids (pile), bowel issues, bad breath, sexual performance issues, addictions are just a few out of the many embarrassing topics that many people often feel too shy to talk about in public. This is the reason many people end up relying on information gotten from trusted friends and family, which can often be more harmful than good.

With online consultation, you can easily ask those personal questions that you may not be comfortable with saying face-to-face. Knowing that your discussion is confidential and that you can choose anonymity takes a great deal of the awkwardness away.

  1. Health tips

We all know that not every piece of health information that you find on Google is trustworthy. The good thing about most online consultation websites however, is that they also have a blog on medical issues and healthy living. Because most of the articles are written by doctors, the information is generally accurate.

What else?

It does not just stop at online consultations. With some apps, you can log in your blood pressure, blood sugar and similar readings for your doctor to remotely monitor your health status. You can join a forum for others who share your health condition, find a fitness coach, get a nutrition plan. You would even be able to plug in your fitness apps. In the near future, our phones and devices would be able to monitor our vital signs, aiding early intervention and care.

Final word

Online consultations can never take the place of a physical visit, where a doctor can assess and examine you. In fact, quite a number of such consultations end with the patients being advised to go to the hospital, after being pointed in the right direction and given immediate help. Therefore, for the purpose of quick consultation and easy access to any expert on demand, online consultations are just perfect. . is the one number online consultation platform that we recommend because of our verification process, our attitude, and for the sake of your security. But don’t take our word for it. Call a doctor or chat with a doctor right away! Oh. And it’s absolutely free at the moment!!!

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